Know Your Rights

This video was created to advocate on behalf of our clients in a light-hearted way. It is salute to all event professionals who stand their ground when negotiating a venue contract. Internet fees, power, and rigging, are some of the highlights.

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Digital Wallpaper

A very simple and cost conscious way to add impact to your event is to use high resolution artwork as a backdrop. With a push of a button the entire scene can change from session to session or presenter to presenter.

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Layers of LED

(3) Different resolutions of LED and projection were brought together to create an ideal environment for a technology summit. The video processing was powerful enough to support layers of digital art, event content, IMAG, and social media feeds all simultaneously.

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In the Round

When you have 2,500 attendees in a room that fits 2,500 attendees; there isn’t much room for production. An In-The-Round strategy hit the mark on this event. We were able to keep costs and footprint down while still adding incredible impact and intimacy for 2,500 people.

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The World’s Heaviest Stage Prop

When TRAVIS Inc was asked if a 27ton stage prop could be used at an event, we simply answered, “No Problem”. The logistics were quite different on this event as we needed a crane and other heavy equipment to make it all happen. In the end, it looked like an elegant “C”-Level event in a […]

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