GMA 2012

The GMA event for 2012 was all about elegance. With a combination of Silvet drape, Tulle Tex panels, and some acrylic frames; we were able to add layers of color and texture to the stage.

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AV Insights

Basic Meeting Environment: Site inspections are critical in knowing how a room will lay out for the best viewing and listening by the audience. If you can’t be here in person, ask for actual photos of room setups with AV set the same as your requirements. Determine sight lines for screen(s), projector and sound placement, […]

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Monster Reception

With a simple backdrop and adjustment of some lights, you can easily change your Corporate General Session into Rocking Party. As incredible as this stage looks, it was executed with minmal adjustment to the event budget. Let us show transform you Keynote scenario to a Gala in the blink of an eye.

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DISA 2012

DISA is an association event that has 2,500 attendees. With very little budget, we were still able to pull off an event that filled the room with technology and great scenic elements. Although this was a minimalist scenario, the staging treatment still spanned 120’.

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FSI 2011

Franchise Services is a client we have been working with over the past 11 years. They came to us last year looking to add impact to their message, but without a financial impact. With some creative lighting and our stock TulleTex panels, we were able to hit the mark. These panels are semi-transparent with a metallic finish. […]

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