Meet the President

Ever since he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Live Theater Production from University of Illinois, Chicago, Travis Reedy always had a vision about owning his own Audio Visual company.  While working as a free-lance technician, he had the name and acronym of Travis Reedy Audio Visual Industrial Staging ready to go.  In March of 1997, he decided to “Take a Risk” and put his vision into action, thus, TRAVIS Inc. was incorporated.  As a young entrepreneur, Travis worked diligently to ensure that TRAVIS Inc. delivered cutting edge technology with the highest level of professional service to his clients, he always exceeded their expectations.   As he grew the company, Travis believed in hiring like minded employees to ensure that the basis of the company was never lost.  He and the crew at TRAVIS Inc. work tirelessly to ensure that the level of client satisfaction and event execution is stellar.  TRAVIS Inc. clients gravitate towards its crew, because they are experts at live event execution; making it stress free on-site.  The goal is to liberate the event planner from the technical details of their event so that they can focus on other details for their event.  

“At TRAVIS Inc., we are the sight and sound professionals rEVOLUTIONizing the AV world. We liberate our clients from the technical logistics so that they may focus on the other aspects of their event. Let’s face it, any company can deliver equipment. What separates us from the competition is our presentation of our cutting edge technology with the highest level of professionalism. We hit our mark for successful events consistently by executing a plan, and planning for the unexpected.”  –Travis Reedy


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